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Logan and Angel Puppies

Puppies arrived on April 30th!!!


2 Blue Merle males Show/Breeding/Performance Quality

1 Blue Merle male Pet/Performance Quality

1 Black Tri female Show/Breeding/Performance Quality



Heartfire's Renegade Angel, DNA-CP, CGC
OFA Excellent
Eyes Checked Yearly
Scissor Bite, Full Dentition
AKC Pointed

Aladdin's Wolverine, DNA-VP
OFA Excellent/Elbows Normal
Eyes Checked Yearly
Scissor Bite, Full Dentition

Available pups will be limited out of this litter, I am planning to keep at least one, possibly two. 
Contact me if you are interested in a pup.

This litter is healthy, very active and fun.

 So far it appears that the blues may have gotten Logan's marbled eyes.
 I am still waiting for them to clear a little more before saying for sure.
And almost all their noses have completely filled in already.

 I am also toying with the idea of doing my first themed Litter.
 Can you guess, yep an X-Men theme between Logan's name
 and the fact that the new X-Men out this year is all
 about Wolverine how can I possibly pass that up.

These photos were taken when they were 23 days old. 
They have grown so much already since then and trying to keep up with
the photos has been difficult. As soon as I get more updated ones I will get them posted

Blue Merle Male #1 Pet/Performance Quality
(He got just a touch too much white on his right leg and tummy)
He is available to a pet or performance home on a neuter contract.


Blue Merle Male #2 Show/Breed/Performance Quality

Blue Merle Male #3 Show/Breed/Performance Quality

Black Tri Female 
(she is the one that I am leaning towards keeping the most so far)

Every time I look at this photo I expect to see her start thumping her hind leg
like Thumper would, don't ask me why.


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