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I now cringe at this photo. It was taken Dec of 2006. I have since lost 65lbs. Obviously I need new photos.

I acquired my first Australian Shepherd in 1986. Although he was unregistered  he was the best guard, herding, and companion dog I could ask for. Especially since this dog was deaf from birth and had only had minimal training from a 30 year old military dog handbook and trained by a complete teenage amateur. So it was no wonder that when God finally took him from me in 1996, I immediately started my search for another. But this time I wanted to find a  dog to start a breeding program of my own.

We  believe highly in the health of not just our dogs but the health of our breed as well. All of our dogs are DNA'd, have their hips OFA'd, eyes are checked yearly, and all have been tested for the MDR-1 gene. This includes our Altered dogs who's  bloodlines are part of our breeding lines. We do not breed dogs showing signs or symptoms of epilepsy and will not knowingly breed to an outside dog/bitch that does. We also support the ASHGI's 10 steps to a Healthier Australian Shepherd Breed and open discussion of the health of all our dogs. If you have questions we encourage you to ask.

Over the years I have met some wonderful people that have not only helped me to acquire some truly special dogs but have taught me a lot. I would especially like to thank Diana Farthing of Aladdin Aussies for her guidance and assistance, not to mention my wonderful boys over the years. And thanks to Julie Humeston of Heartfire Aussies for my Angel (I don't know what I would do without her) and her grooming and movement tips. Thank you to Lynda Peppel for her grooming tips (and letting us borrow the items I forget at home). Thanks to Heather Hawkins for her showing tips and handling of some of my brats. There are many more that have offered assistance and help over the last few years and it has been greatly appreciated as we make our transition from showing horses to showing dogs. Thanks to everyone.

**The "Lawgade" name was adopted after finding that all variations of my ranch name were already in use as kennel names for either AKC or ASCA or both.  So we decided to come up with a nonsense word that was a combination of both. We have
also decided to change our Ranch name to match** 

We are lifetime members of ASCA and are now an ASCA registered kennel.


03/01/09 Miss Angel and Logan bred

03/31/09 Mr Logan bred to Heartfire's Kiss N Tell (Owned by Julie Humeston)

04/17/09 We have conformation Miss Angel is Pregnant!!!
One pup really enjoyed putting his/her paws in front of the camera and even waved at us with his/her tail.

04/30/09 Angel's Puppies have arrived!!!! Check out the New litters page for pics and information.

5/29/09 Logan is a daddy again. Heartfire's Kiss N Tell gave birth to Eight beautiful puppies!!!



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It is easier for me to answer e-mail in a more timely manner than phone calls.
If you prefer to call I screen calls so leave a message and if I'm not there
it may be a few days before I can call you back.

Lawgade Ranch
Leslie Baird
Landers, Ca.
(760) 364-3991

Last Updated 06/02/09

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