Australian Shepherds

LawGade Ranch and Aussies (formerly The Outlaw & Renegade Ranch), is located in the high desert town of Landers, Ca, between Yucca Valley and Lucerne Valley.

I started off as small hobby breeder of Paint and Quarter horses, with a fancy in breeding Australian Shepherds. I always tried to produce a nice well balanced, all around horse, that could be used and enjoyed in the real world. Due to the rising costs of keeping, maintaining, and showing horses in California, as well as the difficulty of taking care of so many by myself, I have let all but a few of my horses go.  I do have a line bred Skipper W Red Dun Quarter Horse stallion available for sale or breed lease to the right home.

Life is strange how it changes over the years. I always expected horses to be front and center in my life and yet in just a couple years my Australian Shepherds, my health, a need to visit Montana as often as I can, and my desire to write have taken over in a very big way. I can't imagine a life without at least one horse in my life but right now they are no longer a priority.  So for now no more foals or showing, it is a part of my life I would not mind revisiting if life brought me back around that way. So the door is closed but by no means locked. 

I took a little time off showing the dogs due to the economy and so I could put some money away to go back to Montana in August of this year. I am planning to attend the Crow Fair and Rodeo in Crow Agency then travel and do more research for a another book for two weeks. My Angel as always will be accompanying me on my travels. Once we return her puppy will be old enough to start showing and I will hopefully be hitting as many shows as I can with him or her. 

Puppies have arrived!! Angel gave birth to a litter of four out of our own Logan on April 30th!!!! Mr Logan is also now a daddy again this with Heartfire's Kiss N Tell, a beautiful litter of eight were born May 29th,thank you Julie for believing in my boy. Check out our New Litters page for more information on both litters.

**The "Lawgade" name was adopted after finding that all variations of my original ranch name were already in use as kennel names for either AKC or ASCA or both.  So we decided to come up with a nonsense word that was a combination of both. We also decided to change our Ranch name to match** 

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It is easier for me to answer e-mail in a more timely manner.
If you prefer to call it may be a few days before I can call you back.

Lawgade Ranch
Leslie Baird
Landers, Ca.
(760) 364-3991

Last Updated 06/02/09

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