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Aladdin's Wolverine, DNA-VP
ASCA #E144482 / AKC #DN12851307
Full Dentition, Scissor Bite
Eyes cleared yearly
OFA Excellent, Elbow Normal
MDR-1 Normal/Normal

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Logan took Best of Breed Puppy this day. 04/01/06

New Photo of Logan taken March 2009 all grown up
 with no more grooming than a quick brushing. 
Thank You Julie for the great photo.

"Logan" joined our family 01/7/06.  Just like Rogue he is a happy energetic boy. He was Rogue's instant buddy and best friend till he found out about girls.  He is a big talker, and will talk with anyone willing to spend the time to have a conversation with him.  And believe me he doesn't think twice to yell at you either when he isn't getting his way or doesn't like something. He also loves to give bear hugs.  We would like to thank Diana at "Aladdin" Australian Shepherds for another wonderful boy.

Watch for him in the show ring! 

Logan is now standing to approved bitches. 

Logan is now a daddy.  He has 2 litters that have arrived recently. 
You can see them on the New litters page.
So far both litters have big strong healthy pups with good colors and really nice copper.
I can't wait to start seeing a few in the ring in a few months, including the one I keep.


Aladdin's Wolverine

CH. Heartfire's Monster Bash

CH RedrocksPhysicalGrafiticu-d

CH Cu-Ds Rollin Out The Red Carpet

CH Windridgefreshpowder of Kaweah

Old West Demandat Heartfire

CH. Heartfires Willin N Able

CH Outlaws Saloon Girl of Oldwest

Aladdin's Picture Perfect

 CH Aladdins Dragon Slayer

Aladdin's Uno Numero Caliente

Can. CH Lakesprings Sloe Gin Fizz

Aladdins Hot Event

CH Pennycaerausramblin Dude

CH Aladdins Shamelessley Hot

How about a nice game of tug o war with a new friend.
Would you believe Rogue never pulled hard enough to take the rope from Logan.

08/2006 He is was still in an ugly stage but one of my best friends managed 
somehow to get a few very nice photos of Logan.
(The above 2 photos  by Teri McCormmick)

 08/18/07 1st time out since last year and 1st time with Heather Hawkins handling.
He is really starting to grow up now.
(These 2 and the one in the pedigree were taken by myself)

09/29/07 Logan going Reserve Winners Dog!!!
Thank You to Heather Hawkins for handling him!
And Thank You Lou Guerrero for putting him up!
(Picture by Lynda Peppel)

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