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LawGade Aussies

Aladdin's Rogue Slayer, DNA-VP
ASCA Pointed

ASCA # E140885

Full Dentition, Scissor Bite
Eye Cleared Yearly
OFA Excellent
MDR-1 Normal/Normal


"Rogue" joined our family 03/19/05.   He is such a happy boy and a natural ham.  He is going to be a natural in the show ring.  He is a typical boy, always got to find something to get into.  Especially now that he has Logan to get into trouble with. Two teenage boys in the same house can get a bit on the wild side. We would like to thank Diana at "Aladdin" Australian Shepherds for giving us the opportunity to purchase our "Rogue" 

Watch for him in the Altered classes.  


Aladdin's Rogue Slayer

Alydar's Dragon Heart

AKC/ASCA CH. Aladdin's Dragon Slayer

Aladddin's Uno Numero Caliente

Ch Lakespring's Sloe Gin Fizz

Deercreek's Sunny Attitude

Arrogant Rogue of Heatherhill

Starswepts Light Up The Sky

CH. Aladdin's Solar Flare

 CH Heatherhill's My Waterloo

CH Heatherhill Grand Marshal

CH Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill

CH Aladdin's Shamelessley Hot

CH Somercrest One Hot Number ATCU-D

Indian Run's Rainbow Mist

Got a Bathtub?

So what does a clean puppy do now?

Look for more trouble, of course!!

What a gorgeous head!

Can you believe he was only 14 month old in this photo.
I can't wait to see him full grown and filled out!!

Yes he is a bit of a dork, but oh look at that side gate.
The above 3 photos and the 1st head shot were taken by Dynamic Dogs Photography.

09/29/07 Altered Best of Breed
Thanks Sue Gardner

09/29/07 Altered Best of Breed
Thanks Lou Guerrero

09/30/07 Altered Best of Breed
Thanks Helga Kane
(above 3 photos by Lynda Peppel)

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